Monday, January 25, 2010

My first card

Okay, we all had to start somewhere...
I thought I would share with you my first card I made back in 2003. After I had hostessed my first SU workshop, this is one of the cards I made with my new stuff I ordered. I had no ribbon, so I used a thin strip of paper from my bold brights pack I bought. It is not the worst thing- but pretty primitive.
The scrapbook page is worse- I had no idea what I was doing, notice the cutting around photos? The wavy scissors and what ever die cuts I picked up at local craft store. There was no title, but I did journal.
So, that brings me to my Stampin up story. I was teaching a water tot class for a mom's group. They all just had their first babies and a few of them started in some direct sales business. I went to an open house they had and I saw this woman Erica, making cards. I also saw her scrapbook pages. I was blown away and said-" I want my pages to look like that". So, I had a party and I was hooked. I joined her 6 month club and never looked back. I slowly out grew my containers and took over my one of my son's bedroom as he bunked up with his brother. Erica, took a break with her second child. I still needed my stamping fix so I searched out other demo events. When she came back to her demo ship, I was teaching her and her customers things. She kept telling me that I really needed to become a demo. This went on for about another year. I was busy with my kids, coaching swimming, teaching swimming and finding other pursuits such as knitting. However in August of 2006, she convinced me to sign up. I had my own stamp camp in October of that month with 2 people. A friend booked a party for my in November and it was over $500 in sales. I have good months and down months, but I love it. I have been to 4 regional events, my first convention in 2008 and volunteer at the Ronald McDonald house through Stampin Up. The best part about it is the friends I have made from stamping. My friend Barbara always says "it is more than rubber stamps".
I think I have evolved and learned from those "firsts".


Christina said...

AWWW awesome story thanks for sharing. I think we all have those icky firsts but we wouldn't trade them for amything huh?

Sharon Graham said...

Great story. The card's pretty good, especially for a newbie. Frankly, I think SCS has helped us all improve the quality of our work.