Wednesday, February 18, 2009

watercolor wonder crayons tutorial-part 2

Part 2- wwc tutorial.
You can also use wwc to color line images.

Materials needed:

  • waterproof ink- I used stazon black

  • water color brush and water- I am using aquapainter from SU as it has well reserve for water, so I don't need to keep dipping my brush

  • water color paper- I am using SU's watercolor paper that is 140 lb weight. You can buy cheaper to play around with getting use to color, but the better the weight the more water it will hold and not pill on you.

  • paper towel- to wipe off excess water

step 1: stamp you image in permanent ink color. This just buzzin by from Spring Summer SU catalog.

step 2: There are two methods with wwc to add color.
1) you can color directly to image with watercolor crayon and then blend color with aquapainter
2) you can pick up color from wwc crayon aquapainter. tip- pick up from the bottom to keep your tip in good shape.

For demo purposes the right side of hive I will color in with crayon and left side I will pick up from bottom and color hive.

step 3: blend your color with aquapainter, you want it to be wet but not saturated, so use paper towel to wipe off excess water. You can also take color out if it is to dark for you, with just a wet brush.

step 4: shading- you need to think about which way light will be hitting your image. The shade side will be darker. You can do that by letting it dry and darkening with same color or in this case I used a darker shade. I started with so saffron crayon and then added more mustard to shade it. You will also want to leave some white area for highlight. I used close to cocoa and chocolate chip for wood and bordering blue for "hive sweet hive".

Step 5- optional you can give a background to your image with wwc too. I am just scribbling with ballet blue for the sky all over watercolor paper and then I am blending with aquapainter.

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I make a card of this!


Jennifer Orbaker said...

Love the shading tips, great tutorial! Can't wait to see what you make out of it.

Jana Emmert said...

This is something I really struggle with doing well. Thanks for the tutorial!

Christina said...

I needed that shading tip that s awesome!

Marilyn said...

Great tutorial Kathy - the shading tip is one I use too - and it really is helpful!

Laura Brown said...

Wonderful tutorials! Thanks!