Friday, February 13, 2009

Boys making teacher Valentines

Okay, I made Valentine's for my son's classmates. He made Valentines cards for his teachers. First, let me prelude it that Karate goal of the week was to have two days electronic free. They don't get to play video games during the school week, but do get some TV downtime. So, my nine year old said "Mom what can we do together?" I suggested we make some valentines for his teachers. He gladly accepted.
1) He picked out the stamps he wanted to use.
2) picked out the paper- I was impressed he picked out pirouette pink to stamp main image on.
3) he stamped and colored in with water color pencils- who doesn't like to color??
4) He assembled it- he love using the snail tape runner.

***I cut the paper for him and did the scallop edge.

Since the base was Chocolate chip, I gave him some vanilla cs to stamp inside too. (Julie-SBS24- would be so happy, she always does so great on decorating everything!)

I might have a future recruit! Just kidding, it's nice that he wanted to spend time with me doing something I like to do.
I think I might institute a one day a week of no TV and find things we can together.


Emily said...

Wow! He did a really good job! That's so sweet that he made cards for his teachers! These are really cute!

Ed said...

Clever boy - what a great job he made of his card ...thanks for your lovely comments on my blog Kathy.

Laura Brown said...

Wonderful card. Give your son a thumbs up from me!

Jana Emmert said...

That is awesome, and his cards are great!

Christina said...

OHH so cute great job

Wendy said...

ovely cards , well done boys