Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Stampin Up's Decor Elements

I went a little crazy, putting Stampin Up's Decor elements on some of my walls.
1) CREATE- in my craft room
2) jazzed up my Laundry room wall with a pop of red
3) my 12 y.o. son and I put up guitar, and two snowboarders on his walls.

Warning- these can become addictive!


Jana Emmert said...

Really cool, Kathy! I put one on my laptop.

Marge said...

Well, it's very lovely & I'll bet your 12-yr.-old is thrilled in his "new" room!!! What's wrong with an addiction that spreads good thoughts, vibes, and helps us to feel good & share what we love?!!! I don't want a cure from our crafting addiction!!!

Jennifer Orbaker said...

They are fun aren't they? Love your craft room wall, looks great!