Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year....

I just love the Staples commercial with parent singing as they load up for school supplies. I love my kids but the last 10 days, they were driving me nuts fighting with each other - that I was ready for them to finally start school today.

I always like to help do some projects in the classroom and volunteer my supplies and time. To kick that off I made a teacher survival kit for my son's 4th grade teacher.

This is retired paper, but hey with teachers you need some apples! I used contempo alphabet for big shot, real red cs with scallop edge punch, tart and tangy stamp set and lots of ribbons!

This is inside:

*eraser=to make your troubles disappear
*ibuprofen= for those trying students/ situations
*santizing wipes= to keep you healthy
*breath strips= for sparkling personality
*tissues= to wipe away the tears
*chocolate=for quick energy pick up
*bandaids= for hurt feelings
*magnetic clips= to keep it together
*gum= to help your class stick together


Christina said...

ha ha now this is clever. I would say i need to borrow this idea but next year will be 16 teachers....and ya no too much. lol

theresa said...

This is abslutely wonderful!! Makes me wish I were the teacher receiving it!!! great job!

Marge said...

Oh, lucky teacher!!! She'll think you're a pretty clever Mom, I'm sure!!! ;-)

Marilyn said...

Both my kids are in middle school now - 16 teachers - yikes - but this is such a cute gift Kathy - I know your son's teacher really appreciated your thoughtfulness!

MacKenzie said...

Couldn't wait for my kids to start school too! I thought they may actual kill each other by the end of summer! So nice to be back into the routine. The teacher must have loved this gift - so thoughtful and put together so nicely.

Julie's Crafty Corner said...

Oh this is great Kathy!


Laura Brown said...

Very creative! Survival kits are so fun to give!