Wednesday, September 9, 2009

extreme birthday thanks

This is a really simple birthday cardfront I made for my son's recent birthday party. I combined 3 stamp sets.

1) extreme elements (115181) $26.95
2) extreme guitar (115328) $8.95
3) simple birthday thanks (11546) $17.95- I just used my brocade blue marker to omit the rest of cupcake stamp so I could use it for a "cooler" card for 10 year old.


Anonymous said...

Great card. Love the idea of using the cupcake thank you that way!

Christina said...

LOL yup cuz it's all about what's hip and not what mom likes. Love it this came out great! The elements really make it feel like your at a concert.

Laura Brown said...

Great idea!

Jana Emmert said...

Back before I stamped, I BOUGHT cards similar to this (but not nearly as nice) for my son to fill out. Awesome!