Friday, June 6, 2008

Featured friends Friday

Hello, I have been crazy busy help organizing end of year activities for my kids school. Plus had two stamping classes this week, and working on Father's day project for my son's second grade class for next week. So, I have not got a lot of personal stamping done this week. Luckyily, it's Friday and I have some more shoebox swaps to show you. Hopefully I get right demo name right with card.
This card was created by my convention roomie Barbara Lash.

This one was done by Jen Cowart. I don't use this set that much anymore, but makes me want to take it out again.

This one was done by Amy Varnerin. I loved doing the dry embossing technique with brass template. It's a little addicting. She also had us do it just by feel, no light box needed (easy with this circle template). It makes it a much cheaper alternative. But I do love my bug!

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Erin... said...

Great cards!! I love the jumbo eyelets and the tearing on the first one. Gives the card a rustic feel:)