Tuesday, February 5, 2008

cards by kids

I did not post anything yesterday, too depressed over Pats loss to stamp. Okay, disappointed but really just a crazy day of being busy. I spent most of the day volunteering at school then getting kids to their after school activities.

However, I did go into my son's 5th grade class to make cards. We originally were going to make valentines to send home. The kids voted on making cards for kids who are in the hospital instead of making ones to send home to give to their family. I am one of volunteers under Stampin Up for the Boston Ronald McDonald House. So, I contacted them and the kids made cards for the people at the house to use. Normally, we send in about 200-300 cards monthly for their house stash when we go into the house once a month to prepare a homecooked meal and do some stamping projects with them. These cards are always depleted when we return each month. Barbara Lash, my friend and fellow demo is the one who leads us all at RMH.

It did get a little chaotic with 20 kids at once and two stamping stations. They seemed to all have a good time and enjoy learning to stamp and make something for someone else. They weren't perfect but made from the heart, which is what counts the most. They made 40 cards in about one hour.

Here are some shots upclose.


Marge Robertson said...

Awwww; what a sweet thing for the kids to do; they're adorable!

Love the one where the phrase is upside down -- how many times have I done that?!!!

I know they'll be so appreciated at RMH!!! ;-)

Marge SBS8

Galaxy Girl - my Stamp Galaxy Blog... said...

ahhhhhhhh, what a wonderful job they made of them.

Kay sbs8

Stampin Mindy said...

How cute.. I bet they all had alot of fun! My daughter loves to stamp!

Su Davis said...

Kathy - what an amazing thing - and the cards are awesome too!


Han said...

What a lovely thing to do the kids did really well. xx

Kim said...

I was rooting for the Pats too since the Cowboys weren't there. Cute cards! Kim sbs8

Anonymous said...

They are so cute!! What fun!

Denise ~ said...

Those are great cards! How fun too!

Hope your recovering after the superbowl, that game was hard to swallow! I still can't believe we lost!